Waterhal, Podium

  • prijs 16-30 jaar
    € 15

  • prijs 30+
    € 15

  • UiTPAS kansentarief
    € 3

zaterdag 23 oktober 2021 19:00 - 05:00

The dolls are back! After the succes of DOLLS INC we return to BROEI with a brand new cast, sickening outfits, criminal performances and ... an afterparty! This time around our girls are thirsty for blood.

We invite you to our fabulous production with acts from none other than Susan from Grindr, Jaja Nette, Bella Gummm and your hosts; Diablo Kahlo and Mila Parsec.

After our show, BROEI opens it's gorgeous "Waterhal" for the afterparty. An afterparty without performances and dj's might as well never take place. Best believe we have some surprises for you! More of that will be announced soon on our instagram @dollsinc__ .

Come as you are, as a friend, as we want you to be! whether it's in full glam or your favorite pair of joggings, we welcome you with love.

This event will take place in october which means that, considering the current COVID measures, you won't be expected to wear a mask. All is subject to change.

Are you ready for a thrilling night of drag?

xoxo, the Dolls