Black and white darkroom printing



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    € 15

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zaterdag 27 mei 2023 12:00 - 15:00

Workshop by Toon Jans


- May 27th
- 12PM - 3PM
- 10 € / 0€ for broei.lab members
- apply:


Toon is a visual artist who uses a lot of analogue processes throughout his work. When he is not working at Broei you can find him in his own studio working in the darkroom. He loves the printed image and experimenting with techniques.

If you like film photography and want to take it to the next step you will love this. In this workshop we will print images form negatives on light sensitive paper.

Since we build a new darkroom at Broei we should use it as well. Always wanted to learn how to print black and white images in the darkroom? Already have experience, but want to check out our new darkroom? School is closing for the summer so no place to print your work?

Come join us in our new darkroom!

What to bring:
- black and white negatives (if you have any) or colour negatives (works as well, but with less contrast)
- a good mood

Black and white darkroom printing