Film Festivals: HOW TO?



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zaterdag 2 september 2023 12:00 - 15:00

Workshop by Anton Cla


- September 2nd

- 12PM - 3PM

- 10 € / 0€ for broei.lab members

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Anton is a film director and multimedia artist known for his twisted animations. His films have travelled to festivals such as Annecy International Animation Film Festival, Vienna Shorts, Ottawa International Animation Festival and many more.

In this workshop of three hours we focus on how to get your film or audiovisual artwork distributed into film festivals. We learn several common strategies and principles concerning the eligibility for your film to screen at these events. But also how you prepare the materials needed from screening files, to trailer and press kits.

What do you need:
- a laptop
- if possible, a film but not required to follow along

Film Festivals: HOW TO?