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zaterdag 27 april 2024 14:00 - 01:00
deur open 14:00

On Saturday, we provide a full program of expo, workshops, performances, food and music!
Check out the program here:

EXPO 14:00-22:00 (free)

Opening expo presenting the new organisations that will be part of Broei 2024.

Fluffy Orbs to cuddle by Bolster, Organic sculpture by Gruis, What do you wish for? by Dreambooth, Taboo breaking photos by Nobabes, Free postcards by Blikkenwerpers, Radiant Resonance by Nerdlab, And what do you wish for by Wensmens, Write for Rights by Amnesty International, Studio Macho with silk screening idea collecting, a Mysterious secret experience box by Exprimée and a collage wall of our inhouse dancers by DEVLOER.

WORKSHOPS 14:00-19:00 (free)

The organisations host an interesting program of workshops, ateliers & performances.


14u -18u Zine workshop by Pardon!
14u - 18u Woodburning, Curves&Clay en Lino by Atelier Doen!
14u - 18u Drink and draw by Knusse kunst
14u - 14u30 Body wake-up by DEVLOER
14u30 - 16u30 Drawing Atelier by Onder Constructie
16u30 - 17u30 Impro Theatre by Onder Constructie
17u30 - 18u15 Bar Yoga by Casa Roze
17u - 19u Pigeon food by De Stadsduif
18u - 18u45 Talk about young carers by ZoJong!
18u30 - 19u30 Impro Theatre by Onder Constructie

LANGSTE TAFEL 18:00-20:00 (

This is the part where we all eat together! Organisations, neighbourhood, everyone who's interested is welcome to join the dinner.
Don't forget to buy a ticket if you want to join.

SILENT DISCO 21:00-1:00 (free)

Silent disco to end the opening weekend: a Broei classic!
Music will be provided by the Broei community as well, so expect an eclectic mix of three channels where you can decide yourself what you dance to.

Shift 1 (21:00-23:00)
Dj Elefsina (funky techno / house / wereldlijke / trance)
STOMP (jungle / trance / hardcore)
De wensmens (pop)

Shift 2 (23:00-1:00)

Genderzwerver (donk, hard techno en trance)
Dominatrixoxo (detroit techno / classical italian opera / jazz / drum'n'bass / house)
Sticky (groove techno / electro of (break)core / jungle)

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