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    € 9

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    € 15

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    € 3

donderdag 9 mei 2024 - donderdag 13 juni 2024 10:30 - 12:00


Share & Train invites dancers, movement artists, and performers to share their training routines, dance research, and spontaneous ideas with DEVLOER and the dance community of Ghent. Interested individuals or groups can contact us and submit their proposals. We provide a platform and framework for sharing creativity, knowledge, and research, fostering a fruitful exchange within the Ghent dance community. Share & Train, as the name suggests, does not offer lessons but rather shares knowledge in a horizontal way.

◇ About the training on 13/06 with Astrid Delombaerde

How do I embrace my expression in a liberating and empowering way? Each session we tune in with our bodies in the present moment. Through physical sensing, we (re)discover our expressive potential and sharpen our capacity to perceive. At the intersection of body positivity and playfulness, dance unfolds.

<| Let go of brainy thoughts and bring your attention completely to your body.

<| Move with Astrid in the body’s living laboratory. She will take you into her fascination with movement, dance and sensing & maybe you will even start to like your body as your home a little!

<| Open level. No prior experience required! The sessions are both suitable for beginners as well as challenging for the experienced

◇ About the training on 27/06 with Amber Bosteels

In this share & train session we will focus on some of the basics of the Indian classical dance form Kathak. Through this technique we will explore how it can relate to our contemporary and improvisation techniques. Expect rhythmic movements, storytelling and playful improvisation. We will go from the very basic, so any level is very welcome!

If you’re unsure whether this workshop is suitable for you, feel free to contact us via Instagram

Share & Train